Get to Forever 21 online right now! I only spent 3.93 on 2 shirts!

I just ordered 2 shirts from FOREVER 21 and only paid 3.93 that includes both shirts , taxes , shipping and handling! You heard me right TODAY ONLY , Forever 21 is doing sale items BUY ONE GET ONE FREE , and that’s not all FREEEEEEE SHIPPING! You practically aren’t paying much at all for anything. This includes women , men , kids and accessories! Including shoes and heels and purses! Anything on sale is BUY ONE GET ONT FREE ONLINE WITH FREE SHIPPING! They have some super cute stuff I got me 2 Justin Bieber shirts and only paid 3.93 total I can’t even believe it. Check it out below!

(My order on

I did have a little advantage though because I do have the Forever 21 store credit card ( they also offer a Visa Forever 21 card ) and you can earn rewards I believe 3 points for every dollar you spend and when you hit 300 points they send you a 5.00 reward. Last month I accumulated 10.00 and that’s what I used today and helped me out even more! I would check their credit card out especially for times like this I love when Forever 21 does buy one get one free.

I do have 1 more reward left and I might be buying some heels because come on guys Buy one get one free and free shipping you can’t go wrong!

Here’s all the details if you need them, remember it ends today!

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