Knee-Highs are in and I’m here for it !

Ladies and Gents I’m sure you noticed EVERYWHERE BUT knee-high anythings are In baby! Knee-High heels and boots are SO IN and I’m HERE FOR IT! I don’t think I’ll ever want them to go away either. Come on let’s be honest they’re SEX-AYYYYY and you can get them just about anywhere BUT don’t get cheap ones or they will HURT those pretty little toes and that heel of yours, and we need those.

Let’s face it these heels and boots are very edgy and they make anything look HAW-TTTT! They go up above the knee or if you’re tall they make it just below the knee, but they’re like a whole outfit in itself. You can wear them with practically anything , leggings , shorts , jeans , lingerie HAH! See what I mean anything will make them look sexy. And they’re available in ALL colors , designs , sizes , materials , high and low , open or closed toe shoe. If you read one of my other shoe posts I have 2 other knee high heels and they’re open toed. Check that blog out!

Back to these sexy thangs! Let me show you some of the ones I have and I’ll give you some info on them. Fellas get your ladies a pair , I know Christmas is over but she will look hot in them with a piece of lingerie, I promise you’ll thank me later 😊!

Here we go;

Lord purple is my favorite color and it slays the world ! Yes HUNTY purple is the color , this purple POPS , and the material is super stretchy , a little itchy but you’ll manage. They’re super comfortable and the heel isn’t high at all. I got these from Charlotte Russe for 20.00 < YES 20.00! Now remember CR has deals all the time where the whole store is 25.00 and under and they have deals when there heels are 20.00 , wait a bit and promise you it’s worth it! They had too many to choose from, but these purple don’t they slay your world. And lord they look hot on! Someone with a thicker thigh can wear them as well because they do stretch, I haven’t worn these out yet I’m saving them for a special occasion!

NEXTTTTT;>Alright Black is such a neutral color you can’t go wrong ,ever. I wore the life out of these and I will continue to wear the life out of them until the thick heels pops off. These are a nice soft material , these are Steve Madden and I got them at TJ Maxx I had got them on clearance awhile back for 40.00. Best 40.00 I could spend and I’m hella cheap , these are so comfortable they have little cute laces in the back that if you pull make the top part a little tighter, and the heel is pretty thick , comfortable to run to the car in after the club ( no pressure ) in the freezing cold. They’re sexy and once again can be worn with anything.

For example; < u>As you can see knee-highs can be worn with absolutely anything , jeans, a dress , body suit , shorts just about anything. Yes JAZZ slay! This is me by the way HAHA!

Next pair ;

TA-DA I bring you knee-high boots, just as equally sexy and no heel , for others who hate heels you can still slay in these. These are a shiny deep blue and they’re so cute. They have the strings in the back to make tighter on top and zip on the inside for easier struggle of putting the shoe on. Very casual yet classy and are bomb! I honestly forgot where I got these whoops. ( I’ll update when I can remember ). These are also very comfortable and when I want to be more casual I wear these because it’s not always the time and place for heels ( in the snow or ice ).

Last but not least ;

My Christmas gift from my wonderful mother. These bad-ass knee-high floral hippie style heels. I LOVE these I haven’t worn them yet but lord when I do , watch out for me! They have the zip on the inside so you aren’t taking an hour to put the heels on, they’re so cozy! I believe they’re from Macy’s , I don’t know the price tag but I believe a little under 100.00, on the higher end but better quality. The floral on these are super cute , not sure if you noticed but floral is the new thing doesn’t matter the season.

That’s all I have so far! But that’s enough for now , Ha I lied I can’t get enough of them. But if you don’t have a pair of knee-highs somethings wrong with you, JUST KIDDING, maybe you just needed some inspiration now go grab a pair. Everyone sells them , Charlotte Russe , Steve Madden , Forever 21 , Macy’s etc etc! Thank you all for reading my blog and hope it was informal and helped and persuaded you on why you need to join the knee-high clique , doesn’t matter if you’re short or tall because either way they will fit cute !


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