Oh Hey everyone, I hope you all missed me because I missed you guys. I’m extremely sorry I went missing BUT I’m back. I had to get my mind right and I had to focus on my health and I’m much better and I’m ready to be back and get back into the fashion! I mean I have so much to talk about, and I can’t wait to share the LOVE and advice I have. OH and I do acting now! I do background work for film , industrial work and I’ve had a few feature roles ( everything will air next year ). I’m trying to put all my skills to the test so I can do my best and be my best, and influence others.

BACK to the FASHION! Not too many new styles out lately, not much of a change but BOY are knee high boots in style and you KNOW I got plenty of them! I can’t wait to get into that. I’ve also seen Justin Bieber merchandise BLOW UP! Now you know I love me some Justin but its amazing to see how much it has grown on all ages and all genders. I have so much more Justin Bieber clothing now as well and I can’t wait to show you guys and get into that as well. I also do want to talk about how style has all of a sudden become so expensive because people are making it seem like you have to rock the expensive brands to be cool, but I’m sorry I’m very cheap and I refuse to pay for expensive stuff. Even when I become famous I will still be cheap HA!

I also want to touch base with Men’s style and some changes I have been seeing and maybe give my input about what I do and do not like. For example my fiancé is having a hard time finding jeans that fit him because all these jeans are made skinny and slim and he doesn’t want to wear the same style jeans as me LOL! But that’s for another day!

I hope you ALL continue on my journey with me its only going to get better in the year 2018. So welcome back and stay for the ride its going to be fun! I have added my links to my social media accounts as well please follow me and stay connected as much as possible. I will list them again in this blog.

Thank You ; Love Lady Jazz (Twitter – @its_Ladyjazz ) (Instagram- @its_ladyjazz)


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