Sorry guys I been MIA! I was in Puerto Rico and I got ENGAGED! BUT to the fashion ! Okay okay so I been bragging about sheer , BUT I haven’t tried it out personally yet until the other day and it came out amazingly. I’m realizing that sheer can absolutely be worn with anything , it doesn’t even have to match , it always looks good. I found a sheer shirt and made it into a dress put a bralette underneath , yoga shorts and BOOM , a hippie sheer outfit that was killing the game. Please be unique with the sheer don’t just buy all black sheer and wear it with black accessories do it up be loud and proud ! I wore my outfit more on the retro side for sure I paired it with my ripped knee high denim heels. Ladies be free to express yourself add a hairpiece, earrings and a glittery clutch. 


  1. You look fab!!! Congratulations on your Engagement!! 🎉🎊🎉That’s Wonderful 😍 and we are so happy for you and John!! Love you always, your GodParents 😘

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