Now I’m going to be SUPER sarcastic but have you guys noticed that SHEER is so NOT in right now , HAH ! YES , sheer my dears Sheer everything is taking over and I LOVE IT ❤️! Sheer tops and bottoms , everything is so see through from shoes to book bags , everything is just so cool and I love it I’m so for this time period and what fashion is all about and I’m all for buying as much sheer as possible and you can pretty much wear sheer with anything. 

Now when you buy a sheer top , remember style it however you want you can wear a bralette , a crop top , a body suit , a dress , you can practically wear whatever makes you happy underneath you can make up your own style. BE UNIQUE , and BE YOU! FELLAS DO THE SHEER AS WELL ITS HOT! 

Here’s 2 pieces I bought ;

By Zaful

By Forever 21


As you can see they’re both wearing them different and they both look cute! Sheer is hot ! Buy sheer while you still can and show off those bodies , summer is around the corner and sheer is in! The sheer comes in all types of looks lows and highs , thick and thin , all types of colors they even have retros colors. Explore your inner fashion. 


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