Shoes , Sneakers , DEALS , OH MY

Let’s face it , we Alllll have to wear something on our feet wether it be sneakers , shoes , boots etc etc. They’re one thing we can’t live without so WHY break the bank and kill our pockets for a necessity , shouldn’t it be free to begin with ? WELL I WISH! Any-who I can’t get you free but you know LADY JAZZ CAN GET YOU DEALS , ladies , fellas and kids. I got some advice for you ALL! And I have tried all of them and they all work I know for sure, all simple and easy things as well.

REWARD CARDS! Not credit cards , reward cards those free cards that every time you use them you get points , and majority of the time when you sign up shortly after you get a welcome coupon and it’s always a great one when it comes to shoes. Below I will list sneaker stores , I’m trying to name stores that are world wide to cater everyone. And I’ll explain how their rewards work and I’ll also rate them and tell you my favorites, but my recommendation sign up for them ALL , ASAP! 

Reward Cards You Need In Your Life;

1.  Foot Locker/ Ladies & Kids Foot Locker ( only have to sign up in one store.) Benefits; VIP ( regular sign up ). 10.00 Off welcome coupon. Special Birthday Offer ( usually 10.00 ).  Random offers througout the year. Platinum Status VIP ( you have to earn this ) Spend 300.00 in 1 calendar year and recieve this status. With this status you also receive a welcome offer. And when you spend you get anywhere from 10-20.00 offers regularly. This is worth it if you buy sneakers a lot. This is my favorite rewards. And they constantly send me coupons and they allow you to attend special events just because your platinum. 

2. Finish Line – Benefits; the benefits are really simple for everyone 200.00 you spend you get 20.00 , every single time. Now shows usually cost around 200.00 anyways each time so plan to be getting a lot of money back. They let you use your rewards on anything NO restrictions which is why I love it as well. 

3. Champs – Benefits ; 10.00 welcome coupon within 48-72 hours to your email I believe. You will also receive texts and emails throughout the year of scattered promotions and coupons. ( I don’t remember receiving many coupons from here ). It also states you get access to special events but I haven’t heard anything either. Platinum status – spend 300.00 in 12 months and get birthday rewards and other rewards scattered. ( I don’t really go to Champs much so I don’t know much about the rewards.) 

Now that I laid out all the details I hope you guys sign up and realize that sneaker stores really do give away a lot in rewards. Right now I have 2 emails worth 10.00 each in rewards for finish line , I usually get 10.00 every 2 months from finish line and every few months from foot locker since I’m always buying sneakers. This goes for anyone male , female , kids , all ages. Sign up. You won’t regret it , they won’t send you emails that annoy you , they usually just send rewards. CHECK IT OUT! 

One more thing for the ladies right now Charlotte Russe is having a sale all shoes 20.00 or less , online and in store , sale ends Sunday! 

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