Do you love deals? 

Oh hey everyone , welcome back! I wanted to give you guys a few pointers in ways to get the best shopping deals , never again miss out on sales and probably run into tons of coupons. Now I know we ALL hate spam emails BUT some companies the emails they send can be extremely HELPFUL! For example when you go into a website such as H&M or Forever 21 , as soon as you get to the page they have a pop up saying ” sign up and receive coupon” don’t be hesitant sign up. The coupons usually take a day to show up in your email BUT they’re so worth it and you will REGRET it if you don’t do it. NOW yes you will get numerous emails from the companies BUT you will always see what promotions they’re running, very useful if you want the best deal. 

Forever 21 was recently running a BOGO free off anything clearance. I had been eye balling these heels , and good thing I didn’t buy them right away because the very next day that promo became active. If I hadn’t been signed up I wouldn’t have known and I would’ve missed out on a free pair of heels. I ended up getting these 2 heels for only 54.60 ( price of one ) and free shipping! Below is a picture of the heels I bought and their original price but since I bought them during the promo I got them both for 54.60! 

[Photo Credit ; Forever 21]

 BUT if the emails become too much you can also easily unsubscribe. To get the best deals you should always subscribe your email to stores even if they become overwhelming because they also send coupons which are great! 

Take it from me I’m a serious bargain shopper , and the emails and coupons are well worth it. NEVER delete email promos or coupons until they expire , because with my luck and possibly yours we will delete something that we end up needing. It’s best to just wait and see what happens , be a email junkie and keep everything until it can no longer be used. 

Now let’s talk about stores like JCPenny and Macy’s , big department stores , they also provide coupons usually weekly and they always have promos in stores. I’m so bias because I love JCPenny so much more and my reason is because their coupons usually apply to every single thing , and if you don’t have a coupon in hand they will give you one at the register to use. Macy’s on the other hand runs promos and sends coupons often BUT they exclude almost everything. But it’s also best to try to shop when the best deals are going on. Learn how to be a budget shopper by shopping when the sales are AH-MAZ-ING VERSUS just because you see it you want it , you will save more money by waiting. If they run out of what you want most likely if it’s not on clearance you can order it online. Try to budget your money better and you will become a clearance addict and coupon/sale promo lady like me. And best believe I’ll make sure you get the best deals , OKAY? Okay ! 


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