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HOLA, welp I thought it would be AH-MAZ-ING to tell you guys how much I ADORE the Biebs ; you heard right JUSTIN BIEBER! Why should I tell you this ? And what does it have to do with Fashion well because celebrity Merchandise is the NEW IN also I have ALOT of his Merchandise so some of my fashion will be mixed with Purpose Merchandise ( Justin Bieber Line). Plus his Merch is actually pretty amazing and I’ll show all of you guys how amazing it looks. And also I’ll be able to show you how celeb Merch is so fun to work with and gives you style while also being IN! Okay? OKAY! Oh, yeah Below is my Justin Merch !


    1. My blog has stated in my first exert says my blog will be about Fashion , my twisted fashion and it will cater to anyone who likes dress nice on a budget , but also has 2 sides to their style , they like to dress up and be very flashy but also dress comfortable in jeans with a t-shirt and just go. It’s caters to people who don’t really know what style they have but to help them understand that having many styles in the way to go. Hope this helps.

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      1. Perfect! I will cater to men , women, children I will cater to all! Of course finding your fashion path is so difficult! I’m still finding my path BUT I found out that my path is universal , and I hope I can help you as well! Welcome to my blog world !

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      2. Ok. Sounds great I sure you will find your path. Because part of fashion I think is just having that creativity for artistry , by just explore different taste in clothing. Like for example in music industry many artist start by listen to different sounds of Music before they can get a glimpse or an idea before recording on the studio or promoting an album or record. But by far your talented, and keep it up.

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      3. Thanks so much Johnny ! And exactly you worded that perfectly and along the way of finding my path I want to help others, I want everyone to explore and be happy with the path(s) try choose.

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